Dr Charlotte Snape

Dr Charlotte Snape

Senior Clinical Psychologist

Dr Charlotte Snape is a seasoned Clinical Psychologist with extensive experience and expertise in helping patients lead more fulfilling lives by working together to identify and overcome obstacles that prevent patients from reaching their goals and desires. She is deeply committed to the overall wellbeing of her patients and prides herself on partnering with her patients to explore the many ways in which therapy can benefit them. 

She has worked in both private practise and the NHS with patients from various backgrounds and with a variety of psychological difficulties, allowing her to cultivate an empathetic and understanding approach to patients in need. 

Her areas of special interest include anxiety disorders such as generalised anxiety, health anxiety, phobias and phobic anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), panic and panic disorder, depression, including affective and mood disorders, and distressing anomalous experiences such as intrusive thoughts, voices, and paranoia. She is also experienced in working with stress, including traumatic stress, adjustment disorders, workplace bullying, bereavement, PTSD, relationship difficulties, and working with families.  

Dr Charlotte says she loves being a psychologist because she finds it incredibly rewarding to support others in reaching their goals and moving closer to living full and meaningful lives.  She adds, ‘Time and time again I am struck by the resilience and courage people are capable of showing in the face of adversity.  As a therapist, I am constantly learning and feel privileged to be trusted with people’s stories and wellbeing.’  

Apart from her clinical work, Dr Charlotte enjoys spending time with her family, including her young son and cat. She also loves socialising with friends, watching movies, exploring new places, and being outside in nature.