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Fertility Testing for Women and Men in London

Thousands of individuals and couples face fertility challenges each year, seeking professional help to realise their dreams of starting a family. Understanding your fertility status through comprehensive testing is an important first step on this journey. 

At MyHealthcare Clinic, we offer an inclusive range of fertility assessments for both women and men, designed to provide a thorough understanding of your reproductive health. 

Our services include critical evaluations such as:

  • AMH (Anti-Müllerian hormone) testing to assess ovarian reserve
  • Pelvic Ultrasound scans for a detailed view of reproductive organs
  • Semen analysis for male fertility insights
  • Consultations with GPs to discuss results and outline next steps

Should your situation require specialised care, we provide direct access to leading fertility specialists. Book your appointment today to begin your journey.

Fertility Consultation

Women’s Fertility Testing

Our fertility test for women with our medical team covers all necessary investigations to assess your fertility status comprehensively and develop a fertility treatment plan tailored to your unique needs.

Women’s Fertility Check

Our comprehensive fertility checks are conducted as follows:

Appointment 1: Blood Tests & Medical History

Scheduled approximately on days 1-4 of your cycle, this appointment involves initial blood tests and a thorough medical history review. For those on hormonal contraception, the timing can be flexible, though interpretations of hormonal blood tests may vary.

Appointment 2: Blood Tests

Conducted around day 21 of your cycle (if not on hormonal contraception), focusing on evaluating your hormonal status further to assess ovulation and overall reproductive health.

Appointment 3: Pelvic Ultrasound

A key diagnostic tool to visually assess the health of your reproductive organs, including the uterus and ovaries, to identify any potential issues that could affect fertility.

Appointment 4: GP Appointment

A comprehensive review of your test results with a GP, discussing your fertility status and planning the next steps. This may include lifestyle advice, further testing, or referral to a specialist if necessary.

The blood tests conducted throughout these appointments include: 

  • Assessments of sex hormones such as Oestrogen, LH (Luteinizing hormone), and FSH (follicle-stimulating hormone) are crucial for understanding your reproductive cycle. 
  • AMH (Anti-Müllerian hormone) testing provides insights into your ovarian reserve, while TSH (thyroid function) tests assess any thyroid abnormalities that could impact fertility. 
  • Prolactin, Testosterone, SHBG, and Free Androgen Index are also evaluated to give a comprehensive overview of factors that may affect your fertility.

Ovarian Reserve (AMH) Testing Only

For those specifically interested in understanding their ovarian reserve, we offer AMH testing as a standalone option.

AMH Testing Process:

  • Blood Testing for AMH: This test measures the level of Anti-Müllerian Hormone in your blood, a vital marker of ovarian reserve.
  • Review by a GP: Your AMH test results will be reviewed by a GP, who will then share these results with you. This review includes personalised advice on the next steps, considering your fertility goals and any further actions that may be required based on your AMH levels.

This focused approach allows for a targeted assessment of your ovarian reserve, providing valuable insights that can guide your fertility planning and decision-making.

Male fertility test and fertility test for women
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Women’s Fertility Test Fee

Our women’s fertility testing includes the following checks and costs. 

Women's Fertility Check

Appt 1:

Blood tests

Appt 2:

Blood tests approx. day 21 of cycle

Appt 3:

Pelvic ultrasound

Appt 4:

GP appointment


Ovarian Reserve (AMH) testing only 


Blood testing for AMH (Anti-Müllerian hormone)

Bloods reviewed by GP

Advice on next steps



Men's Fertility Testing

Our male fertility test is designed to provide a comprehensive overview of male reproductive health, encompassing a health assessment, semen analysis, and a consultation with a GP. This process is structured into three key appointments:

Appointment 1: Medical & Lifestyle Questionnaire

The first step in your fertility check is a detailed questionnaire covering your medical history and lifestyle factors. This initial assessment is crucial for identifying any potential issues that could impact your fertility.

Appointment 2: Comprehensive Semen Analysis

The second appointment involves a thorough semen analysis, which assesses sperm count, motility (movement), morphology (shape), and other vital parameters. This test is essential for understanding the health and viability of the sperm.

Appointment 3: Telephone Review with a GP

Following the analysis, you will have a telephone consultation with a GP to review your results. This discussion will cover the findings from your semen analysis and the initial questionnaire, providing a comprehensive understanding of your fertility status. The GP will also advise on the next steps, including lifestyle changes, further testing, or referral to a fertility specialist if necessary.

Men's Fertility Test Fee

Our men’s fertility testing includes the following checks and costs. 

Men's Fertility Check

Appt 1:

Medical and Lifestyle History

Appt 2:

Semen analysis

Appt 3:

Telephone review with a GP
(10 minutes)


Why Choose MyHealthcare Clinic

Selecting MyHealthcare Clinic for your fertility journey offers a multitude of benefits, ensuring that your path to understanding and enhancing your fertility is supported by the highest standards of care and expertise. Here’s why MyHealthcare Clinic stands out as the premier choice for fertility assessments:

  • Expert Fertility Specialists and Supportive Care: Our clinic is home to a team of renowned fertility specialists and general practitioners who bring a wealth of knowledge and compassion to every consultation. We understand the sensitivity of fertility concerns and are committed to providing empathetic, individualised care to each patient.
  • State-of-the-Art Diagnostic Facilities: Equipped with the latest in fertility diagnostic technology, MyHealthcare Clinic offers comprehensive testing options ranging from semen analysis to advanced hormonal assessments. Our modern facilities ensure accurate, timely results, allowing for effective fertility planning and treatment.
  • Convenient Locations Across London: Accessibility is key to our service philosophy. With multiple clinics strategically located throughout London, we ensure that you can access our fertility services easily, no matter where you are based in the city.
  • Competitive Pricing and Exceptional Value: We believe in making fertility assessments and treatments accessible to everyone. Our pricing structure is designed to be competitive, offering exceptional value without compromising the quality of care. Additionally, our monthly membership plans provide exclusive benefits, making fertility care more affordable.
  • Comprehensive Care and Continuity: At MyHealthcare Clinic, we emphasize continuity of care, ensuring consistent support throughout your fertility journey. From initial assessments to treatment and follow-up, our team is with you every step of the way, providing personalised advice and care.
  • Award-Winning Healthcare Provider: Our commitment to excellence in fertility care has been recognised with prestigious awards, including being named the Best Private Dental and Medical Care Clinic in London for 2023 by Global Health and Pharma. This accolade reflects our dedication to providing outstanding healthcare services to our patients.

Book your appointment today and take the first step towards achieving your fertility goals with MyHealthcare Clinic.

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