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Breast Cancer Awareness Month

By MyHealthcare Clinic | October 22, 2021

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month when people all over the world show their support for people affected by breast cancer. It also serves as a reminder for women, to…

Go Sober This October

By MyHealthcare Clinic | October 1, 2021

Macmillan Cancer Support are asking you to get involved in the Sober October campaign. By stopping drinking alcohol in October you can help raise money for people living with cancer.…

Are you a smoker thinking about kicking the habit?

By MyHealthcare Clinic | September 28, 2021

If so, October or Stoptober is the month to do it – there has never been a better time to quit! Coronavirus pandemic has changed public attitudes to health, with…

Did you know National Fitness Day is on 22nd September?

By MyHealthcare Clinic | September 22, 2021

The theme this year is ‘Fitness Unites Us’ and it promises to be the most active day of the year! All over the country there are various events for you…

MyHealthcare Clinic Launches Facial Aesthetics Skincare Treatments

By MyHealthcare Clinic | September 14, 2021

Book Your Free Consultation* or Call 0207 099 5555 Now! September sees the start of MyHealthcare’s facial aesthetics skincare treatment range opening at our award-winning, doctor-led Fulham and Wandsworth clinics.…

World Sepsis Day

By MyHealthcare Clinic | September 13, 2021

13th September marks the 10th anniversary of World Sepsis Day which is an opportunity for the world to unite in the fight against sepsis. What is Sepsis? Sepsis is the…

Women sitting on a chair, suffering from Postnatal depression.

What Is Postnatal? The Effects Birth Can Have On Your Body

By MyHealthcare Clinic | April 14, 2021

What is the postnatal period? Postnatal is a term that refers to the period after childbirth. Technically this period never ends, equally some of the effects of childbirth may last…

Woman sitting outside thinking about ovarian cancer symptoms.

A Guide To Ovarian Cancer Symptoms & What To Look Out For

By MyHealthcare Clinic | March 23, 2021

What is Ovarian cancer? Ovarian cancer affects the ovaries and is one of the most common types of cancer in women. Ovaries are female reproductive organs located in the lower…

Lady sitting on a chair thinking about mental health symptoms

Mental Health Symptoms: How To Spot Them & What To Do

By MyHealthcare Clinic | March 17, 2021

What is Mental Health?  Mental Health refers to a person’s psychological and emotional wellbeing. Mental illnesses should be taken as seriously as you would a physical illness – they can…

Doctor performing a Covid-19 swab test on a patient.

Things you need to know about Covid-19

By MyHealthcare Clinic | February 18, 2021

While everyone knows that we are currently in a pandemic, we are aware that some people have minimal knowledge about the virus and its effect on the population. So, we…