Private Paediatrician

Our Consultant Paediatrician Dr Marie Le Page offers consultations from general check-ups to specialist assessments at our award-winning clinics.

Consultant paediatrician

Consultant paediatrician in Fulham and Wandsworth

At MyHealthcare Clinic we know the health of your child is your highest priority – that’s why we offer comprehensive specialist care for babies and children from the moment they arrive.

While our team of GPs are able to manage many common healthcare needs, we also have our Consultant Paediatrician Dr Marie Le Page who can provide specialist input for a range of general and complex paediatric issues.

You can book appointments directly via reception or our GPs can refer your child to her. She is registered with all major insurance companies.

Areas of interest

Dr Le Page consults from Fulham and Wandsworth and can help with number of general and complex paediatric complaints.

General services including:

  • General health check ups
  • Immunisations
  • Developmental checks
  • General conditions such as vomiting, acute infections, cough, reflux, constipation
  • Management and treatment of bedwetting and day time wetting (for children over 5)

Complex conditions including:

  • Difficulties with coordination
  • Developmental delay and learning difficulties
  • Social communication difficulties (particularly if Autism Spectrum Disorder is suspected)
  • Behavioural difficulties
  • Sleep difficulties

Dr Marie Le Page - Consultant paediatrician

Dr Marie Le Page offers both general paediatric health assessments and specialist care. She can advise on common conditions such as acute infections and illness, cough, wheezing, reflux, feeding difficulties, constipation, skin rashes and also performs immunisations. She has a special interest in developmental paediatrics and can help with complex conditions such as bedwetting, daytime wetting, delay in development and social communication difficulties (Autism spectrum Disorder).

She speaks English and French.

First Appointment – Routine Paediatric Consultation - £175

Follow-up Appointments – Routine Paediatric Consultation - £150

Specialist Paediatric Consultations (some specialist assessments require longer appointment times) - Please enquire