Blood Tests

Same Day appointments available 6 days a week, from £20. Fast results at our award-winning clinic.

Private blood tests

MyHealthcare Clinic offers an extensive phlebotomy (blood test) service available 6 days a week. We courier your samples to the laboratory immediately, with results back within 24-72 hours depending on the test.

Our GPs will share your results with you and advise on any steps you may require.

As a MyHealthcare Clinic GP, Complete or Premium member, we include a range of blood tests as part of your membership giving you a comprehensive look at your health status every year.

Kindly note that blood tests are only allowed for children aged 16 and older.

Blood tests

  • Same day appointments available
  • Open 6 days a week
  • Samples couriered to the laboratory immediately
  • Rapid processing of blood samples
  • Results provided by our GPs
  • INCLUDED with certain Membership Plans

Blood tests & diagnostics

We offer a comprehensive range of blood tests. Below are only a few of the options that we have available. Please speak to one of our team members if you want to find out more about a specific blood tests.

Price (£)
Medical Screen 1 96
Medical Screen 2 124
Tired Screen 206
Anaemia Screen 150
Bone Health 150
Diabetes Screen 58
HbA1c 40
Thyroid Health 60
Female/Male Hormone Health 100
AMH 100
Full Blood Count 35
Cholesterol Screen 40
Kidney Screen 55
Liver Screen 40
Vitamin and Mineral Screen 150
Vitamin D 65
B12 45

Please note: Price of blood test excludes the cost of a consultation with a nurse or GP


GP Blood

Test Consultation

From £65

Nurse Blood

Test Consultation


Kindly note that blood tests are only allowed for children aged 16 and older.