Book a comprehensive consultation with leading podiatrist Sas Ahmadi from £65.


Book a comprehensive consultation with leading podiatrist Sas Ahmadi from £65.

Podiatry at our Award-Winning London Clinics

MyHealthcare Clinic offers a wide range of podiatry treatment with expert practitioner Sas Ahmadi for a variety of foot and ankle related issues.

Our podiatrist can offer help with prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of medical and surgical conditions of the feet, ankles and lower limbs, helping to reduce pain and improve mobility. Sas can also provide minor procedures for Ingrowing toenails and advanced verruca treatment.

We offer a variety of treatments from treating from sports injuries and postural pain to ingrown toenails, fungal infections, corns, bunions and more. 


Sas Ahmadi Podiatrist

Sas graduated from UCL /London Foot Hospital and went on to gain a Post Graduate Diploma. With several years of experience, he is able to treat both adults and children. This includes minor procedures for ingrowing toenails and advanced Verruca treatment.

Sas uses specialises in Musculoskeletal Podiatry, Biomechanics and Gait Analysis to help diagnose and treat patients. He is also able to prescribe Orthotic insoles and provide advice about footwear based on your foot type and walking posture. Sas also uses diagnostic ultrasound and injection therapies of the foot and ankle which he is able to provide at the

Price List

General Podiatry

Initial appointment £65.00

Follow up appointment £55.00

Local anaesthesia for general Podiatry – additional £35.00


Musculoskeletal Podiatry

Foot or ankle pain Initial assessment £90.00

Diagnostic Ultrasound scan for Foot/Ankle Pain from £75.00

Biomechanical assessment & Video Gait analysis £150.00

Prefabricated Foot Orthotic Insoles from £70.00

Custom Moulded Foot Orthotic Insoles from £265.00

Customised Orthotic Sandals from £275.00


Ultrasound-guided injections

Corticosteroid injection from £250.00

OSTENIL® injection from £275.00


Nail Surgery

Ingrown toenail removal from £350.00 including follow up


Verruca treatments:

Initial £65.00 + freezing therapy from £10.00

Follow up £45.00 + freezing therapy £10.00

Initial £65.00 + strong acids £10.00

Follow up £45.00 + strong acids £10.00

Extended Follow up £65.00

on occasion, it may be necessary to arrange an extended follow-up appointment depending on the number of verrucas being treated. You will be advised at the initial assessment.

Verruca Needling £275.00 + includes follow up