Weight Loss with Ozempic

Medical weight loss for men and women in London


    Weight loss in London

    Weight loss in London for men and women

    At MyHealthcare Clinic we understand how difficult some patients find it to lose weight. Many patients have concerns about the health implications of being overweight, and have already been trying unsuccessfully to lose weight with other methods or on their own.

    In combination with weekly injectable medication, our Doctors will monitor your progress by reviewing your blood tests and personal health measurements to keep you on track to meet your goals.

    Weight loss programme

    • Customised prescription only medication programme to help you lose weight 
    • Our patients have lost 8-10% of their body weight over 6 months
    • Weekly injectable medication to reduce appetite and cravings, for weight loss beyond dieting alone. 
    • Medication Included in the programme price 
    • Designed by medical doctors, to give the best chance of long-term results.  
    • Complete the free online health questionnaire for review by our doctors to understand if you’re eligible.  

    Included in our programme

    Included in our weight loss programme

    What our weight loss programme includes: 

    • Free Online Health Questionnaire reviewed by our UK GPs to check you are eligible to start Ozempic. 
    • Cost of medication included in the price 
    • Delivery of medication included (UK only) 
    • Access to speak to our medical team for any queries (additional cost applies) 
    • Free Cancellation Anytime 

    To uphold the best safety for our patients and clinical care, we recommend blood tests to completed prior to starting, at 3 months and at 6 months. These blood tests can be done in an area close to you and sent to us, or you can book directly at one of our clinics/partner clinics to have these done.  

    We recommend you have your Renal function, Liver function, Lipids, HbA1c, Thyroid function and Amylase levels every 3 months while on Ozempic

    How to start

    How to start your weight loss journey

     Complete consent form if eligible

    Enter Weight Loss programme

    Medication delivered to your door *

    * Cost of the medication will be £195 (inc. delivery)

    Weight loss FAQs

    Our reviews

    Hear from our existing patients & members


    Our patients and members rate us as excellent..

    Mr GD

    I was initially a little skeptical when Dr Patel recommended Ozempic as part of a plan to reduce my weight. The piece of mind from blood tests a few months in also helped.  I have now been using Ozempic for a little over two months and the results have been - for me - exceptional. I have always struggled with my weight but as I got older I found my ability to get it under control with exercise and dieting was diminishing. Ozempic is as close as I have come to a "wonder drug". The impact on my appetite was almost immediate and the results while gradual, almost immediate. I've experienced a few of the well publicised side effects as I have increased the dosage (a little nausea from time to time and some mild constipation) but those have been minor and perhaps the most noticeable change for me has been a drop in my waist size from a tight 42 inches to 38 inches! It's a great feeling to be fitting into clothes I haven't been able to wear since before lockdown. I have some way to go on my weight loss journey but I am delighted with progress to date.

    Mrs SO

    I was a little apprehensive about the whole process but I felt really supported by the medical team at the clinic. I am seeing great results so far and would definitely recommend having a consultation if you've been thinking about it.

    Mr SP

    From assessment, delivery of medications to treatment, the process has been really easy so far and treatments are working! It’s really reassuring to know I’m being treated by an experienced and professional medical team. The weight loss I have achieved has been life changing for me

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