Pregnancy Scans

Private Pregnancy scans from only £125. We offer pregnancy scans from 6 weeks to gender and reassurance scans.

Pregnancy scans starting from 6 weeks gestation

We offer a full range of pregnancy scans starting from 6 weeks allowing mums-to-be the chance to monitor their babies growth and have their essential pregnancy scans performed in our relaxing, friendly and highly equipped clinics.

All our scans are performed by our experienced sonographers who will make you feel at ease, accurately perform your pregnancy scan, discuss your scan results and provide a printed report for your records. We also provide a complimentary black and white photo on every visit.

Pregnancy scans from 6 weeks:

  • Early pregnancy scan (6-11 weeks): your first chance to see your baby
  • Advanced Ante-natal Genetic Testing (Harmony Test) (from 10 weeks): accurately test for life restricting chromosomal conditions. This includes an ultrasound scan as part of your assessment
  • Reassurance scan (from 14 weeks): check in to monitor development throughout pregnancy
  • Gender scan (from 18 weeks): find out if you’re having a boy or girl
  • Presentation scan (35-40 weeks): determine baby’s position

Pregnancy ultrasound scans

  • Starting from 6 weeks gestation
  • Experienced sonographers
  • Printed report of results
  • Complimentary black & white photo
  • Onward referral to specialists if required

Fee guide

Pregnancy Ultrasound Scans

Reassurance scan (14 weeks onwards)


Early pregnancy scan (from 6 – 12 weeks)


Dating scan (10 – 16 weeks)


Gender scan (18 weeks onwards)


Growth scan (23 weeks onwards)


Presentation scan (35 – 40 weeks)


Harmony pre-natal blood test and scan (10 weeks onwards)