Dr Rosanna Michalczuk, Clinical Psychologist for MyHealthcare Clinic

Dr Rosanna Michalczuk

Clinical Lead Psychologist

Dr Rosanna Michalczuk is a Senior Clinical Psychologist who has dedicated her career to assisting individuals in overcoming mental health challenges and achieving their goals. With a warm and compassionate approach, Rosanna recognises that therapy can be a difficult and overwhelming process for many people and is committed to providing a safe and supportive space for patients to explore their thoughts and feelings.

Rosanna has a broad range of interests and experience in the field of mental health, with a particular focus on anxiety and depression. She has worked extensively with patients who experience self-esteem difficulties. She has a keen interest in helping patients cope with clinical burnout, adjustment disorders, and workplace bullying. She recognises that the modern world can be incredibly challenging and is committed to helping her patients develop resilience and coping strategies to manage these difficulties. Other focus areas include bereavement, university/college student mental health, occupational mental health issues, and maternal mental health, specifically including fertility difficulties and postpartum experiences.

She takes pride in her collaborative and empathic approach, always wanting to understand and learn from her patients’ unique perspectives and experiences. On her work as a clinical psychologist, she says, ‘When I feel that I have played a part in helping someone move closer to the life they value and deserve, it is the most rewarding work I can imagine.’

She adds that she is deeply inspired by the courage and resilience of her patients, who often face significant challenges in their lives, and is continually humbled by the insights and wisdom they share with her. She finds immense joy in seeing her patients grow and progress and feels privileged to be part of their journey towards greater wellbeing.

In her spare time, there is nothing she enjoys more than spending time with her two young sons – spending a lot of time in soft plays and playgrounds! She also appreciates the company of good friends, cinema outings, and swimming.