Work/ Life Balance Is Key To Health & Wellbeing

Work culture is increasingly demanding in today’s society and finding the time for yourself by switching off from work is hard, bringing with it a number of challenges to mental health.

Since the pandemic particularly, many people have been working from home, so defining work time and free time has become even more difficult, as work invades personal space.

Work/life balance is key to good health and wellbeing, so read on to find out about MyHealthcare Clinic suggestions to help you balance your workload while working from home.

If you are working from home, here are our top tips to help you find that essential work/life balance:

  • Schedule a routine: just because your usual routine has changed, it doesn’t mean you can’t use this to your work/life balance advantage, for example, the usual commute time could be used to exercise, or read a book – every working day
  • Designate a workspace: sitting at a desk is ideal, with the door shut, away from the TV, also away from the kitchen to avoid snacking, and make sure you are comfortable to alleviate back and neck strain
  • Take a break: making time for breaks is important to manage stress levels and you’ll find it helps with concentration and productivity too – ideally 5-10 minutes every hour away from your screen
  • Stay connected: higher productivity working from home can be a benefit but keeping in touch with colleagues by scheduling online coffee breaks can decrease feelings of isolation

Feeling stress, lack of motivation at work, and anxiety, can affect everyone at some time in their life, which is normal, but when this goes on for too long, you may need to talk to a GP about it.

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