Dr Savi Rajkumar

Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist

Dr Savi Rajkumar is a highly skilled and compassionate medical professional with an impressive array of qualifications: Dr Rajkumar’s expertise lies in the field of women’s health and  gynaecology where she has established herself as a specialist in various areas.

One of her primary focuses is on reproductive and sexual health, offering comprehensive care and well-woman checks to promote the well-being of women through different stages of life. Additionally, she provides invaluable support and guidance to individuals seeking contraception and family planning, ensuring they make informed choices suited to their unique needs.

Her expertise also extends to the investigation of subfertility, where she specialises in identifying and addressing issues related to infertility, offering hope and solutions to couples looking to start a family. Furthermore, Dr Savithri is well-versed in addressing concerns related to Menopause/HRT, menstrual disorders, fibroids, endometriosis, PCOS, cosmetic gynaecology, vaginal prolapse and ensuring optimal pelvic floor health for her patients.

When it comes to diagnosing and treating gynaecological precancer and cancer cases, Dr Rajkumar’s rapid diagnostic skills using advanced techniques like colposcopy, hysteroscopy, and vulvoscopy have proven to be invaluable. Her dedication to excellence in surgical and oncological outcomes has been honed through training with some of the UK’s and India’s most eminent surgical oncologists, leading to outstanding results for her patients, for which she is genuinely grateful. 

Beyond her professional achievements, Dr Rajkumar finds great joy in her role as a mother of two teenagers, guiding them with firm love and meticulous planning to achieve scholastic excellence. In her leisure time, she enjoys classical music and  professional circuit tennis. She encourages a plant to plate lifestyle and nurtures a passion for horticulture. 

Dr Savi Rajkumar’s unwavering dedication to her patients, her tireless commitment to continuous improvement in her field, and her strong desire to incorporate a multidisciplinary, compassionate, bespoke, and holistic approach all combine to make her an asset to the medical community. Her expertise, compassion, and diverse interests combine to create a well-rounded and exceptional medical professional who brings a positive impact to the lives of those she serves. In her own words, “My goal is to offer personalised and effective care to every patient, ensuring their well-being and satisfaction throughout their journey.”