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Comprehensive membership at MyHealthcare Clinic

Enjoy Healthcare your way with our comprehensive membership plans. Choose only the services you need with our flexible and affordable membership to help you to build the right level of health cover for you.

Our membership packages give you all the advantages of private healthcare, without the price tag. Get unlimited appointments, annual health checks, and great availability. You can now say goodbye to big dental bills with our new add on or upgrade – comprehensive dental care, covering simple fillings, root canals, and extractions as well as giving you discounts on other dental services.

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  • Enjoy one month of free membership when you sign up to a Complete or Premium plan.
  • 1 Free Child per Adult on Complete and Premium plans
  • Flexible Membership with add-ons to suit your needs.

Your membership options


Add – Ons

MyHealthcare Clinic is dedicated to offering you flexible membership which suits your needs. We now offer a range of add-ons to supplement your membership and help you build a membership with only the parts you need.

Advanced Health Screen (£15 /month)

Our Advanced Health Screen can be bolted on to our GP, Dental or Complete Membership for £15 / month. This will upgrade you from your annual Standard Health Screen if you are on GP or Complete membership to include:

  • 2 x 40-minute appointments
  • Advanced Blood Tests which includes Full Blood Count, Kidney Function, Liver Function,
  • Bone Profile, Iron Levels, Fasting Glucose, Cholesterol, HbA1c (most accurate test for diabetes), Bowel Cancer Screen, PSA, Thyroid Function
  • PAP Smear
  • ECG and Urinalysis

However, some of these tests are age and gender-specific.

Comprehensive Dental Care (£15 /Month)

Our Comprehensive dental care can be bolted on to our Dental or Complete Membership for £15 / month. This will upgrade you from a 20% discount on dental treatments to receive:

  • White Fillings, Simple Extractions, and Simple Root canals free of charge once you are one the plan.
  • Lab Feeds only for Crowns and Bridges
  • 20% off on all other dental treatments excluding orthodontic or dental implant treatment.

Acceptance onto the premium plan or comprehensive dental care add-on is subject to being deemed dentally fit. Dental Fitness fees may apply when joining the plan.

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Terms & conditions relating to child memberships

Child memberships are available to those under 18 when added to a corresponding adult membership. Child memberships do not include the standard or advanced health screen, blood tests or included dental treatments as part of the Comprehensive Dental Care package (apart from white fillings).

Please see our dedicated terms and conditions page for further information.