Dr. Serafeim Petousis | MyHealthcare Clinic

Dr Serafeim Petousis

General Dentistry, Implants, Invisalign

Dr Serafeim is a highly qualified, skilled, and experienced dentist, skilled in general dentistry, dental implants and Invisalign. He has helped countless people restore their smile with dental implants or straighten their teeth with Invisalign. He takes great pride in his work and strives to provide the highest quality of care for his patients. He is passionate about helping people achieve their desired dental results in a safe and comfortable environment. His goal is ultimately to ensure that all his patients have a healthy, beautiful smile they can be proud of.

Dr Serafeim prides himself on taking the time to explain treatment options to ensure that each patient understands the entire process. He says, ‘One of the things I pride myself most on is my attentiveness to the needs of my patients. I find that developing a connection with each patient and listening to them helps me determine the best treatment plan.’ He adds that playing a supportive role is an important part of building trust with patients, especially when helping them overcome fears involving certain dental procedures.

When he is not helping patients, you will find him keeping fit and active. He likes physical activities such as swimming, cycling, rowing, and running, and also enjoys spending time with his family and friends or reading a good book.