Dr Stefano Del Monte DDS


DClinDent, MProstRCSEd, FHEA

Dr Stefano is a highly respected and accomplished dentist who is dedicated to providing exceptional dental care to all his patients. In addition to basic dentistry, he also specialises in prosthodontics, crowns, veneers, dental implants, dentures, Temporomandibular Disorder, composite bonding, cosmetic dentistry, dental trauma, and prosthetics for patients with cleft lip and palate. He takes pride in staying up to date with the latest advances in dental technology and techniques to ensure that his patients receive the best care available. His commitment to patient satisfaction is evident in the quality of care he provides.

With his experience in restorative and cosmetic dentistry, Dr Stefano has helped countless patients achieve healthy, beautiful smiles. He believes in taking a comprehensive approach to dentistry, focusing not only on the aesthetics of a patient’s smile but also on their overall oral health. He also understands that a patient’s dental health is an important part of their overall well-being and makes sure he addresses this with all his patients by focussing on education and preventative care. He is committed to providing individualised treatment plans that are tailored to each individual’s needs, and he listens to his patients and answers any questions they may have about their dental care.

‘The aspect I love the most about my job is restoring what was lost—to not only restore my patients’ teeth but also their confidence,’ he says of his work. Teeth loss can lead to social anxiety and depression and affect most of our daily activities, such as talking, eating, and interacting with our friends and family. He continues, ‘I love to restore my patients’ smiles, giving them back the confidence and peace of mind they deserve.’

When he is not helping patients, you will find him enjoying classical music, reading, visiting museums, and spending time with his wife and son. He is an art enthusiast with a particular appreciation for Italian Renaissance artists.