Did you know National Fitness Day is on 22nd September?

The theme this year is ‘Fitness Unites Us’ and it promises to be the most active day of the year!

All over the country there are various events for you to join in to exercise. With experienced fitness coaches and celebrate the fun of fitness. Ask at your local leisure centre if it is hosting any events for National Fitness Day, or check out the website to see if there are any special events close to you here.

We, at MyHealthcare Clinic, believe it’s a great time to update your workout and make sure physical activity plays an enjoyable role in your healthy lifestyle, alongside a balanced diet.

Read on to find out some daily exercise tips. Our team have suggested especially for you to do to stay fit and healthy.

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Exercise Tips…

  • Walk – perhaps the easiest and most accessible exercise for most is walking. Regular brisk walking gives you a good cardiovascular workout. Why not get off the bus one stop early, and walk the rest of the way to start your working day? We know time is the essence and finding the time is key. 20 minutes per day to get your heart pumping is all it takes to feel the difference.
  • Stretch – yoga and pilates are both incredibly popular forms of exercise. Find group classes all over the country to join in. Regular classes help stretch and tone the muscles leaving you feeling fully rejuvenated. Why not join a class near you? or try out some of the online classes to find one that’s right for you?
  • Run – while running isn’t a fun thought for everybody, all you really need to go jogging is a good pair of running shoes, a get-up-and-go attitude, and a target fitness plan. A popular challenge for beginners promises to safely get you from the sofa to 5km with achievable goals along the way. By steadily following this plan you could be running 5km in just 8 weeks!
  • Dance – put on your favourite beats and just dance! Dancing is a whole-body workout that’s actually fun. It’s good for your heart, it makes you stronger, and it can help with balance and coordination. 30 minutes of a full dancing workout burns between 130 and 250 calories, about the same as jogging.
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Consult with your GP first

Before embarking upon any strenuous fitness regime, it is important to check with your GP first. No matter your age – it is important to stay on top of your health. Be sure that your body is ready for the level of exercise you have planned. MyHealthcare carries out thorough health checks to find out more about your health and flag any early signs of illness.

At MyHealthcare Clinic we offer comprehensive medical testing with our Advanced Healthscreen. Alternatively, opt for our Standard Healthscreen which gives a great overview of your health. Available at our award-winning clinics in Wimpole Street, Wandsworth and Fulham.

From high blood pressure and diabetes to stress and heart issues, our health screens help identify concerns early. Allowing you to work on improving your health. If you haven’t been to MyHealthcare Clinic before it is a great way to start a relationship with one of our practice GPs.