Go Sober This October

Macmillan Cancer Support are asking you to get involved in the Sober October campaign. By stopping drinking alcohol in October you can help raise money for people living with cancer.

You can choose to sign up to have a Sober October by taking on the challenge for 14 days, 21 days, or for the full 31 days of October. Take a look at the website. For more details about how to get involved with Sober October here.

No matter how long you choose to go sober for, by taking part in Sober October, you will be raising vital funds to help Macmillan continue being there for the millions of people living with cancer in the UK right now.

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Since the launch of Sober October in 2014, those taking part, known as Soberheroes, have raised over £33 million. Making a huge difference to the lives of people with cancer, helping them to live life as fully as they can.

Sober October doesn’t just help others by raising funds, it raises awareness of how good for your health it is to have a break from alcohol too. You should feel great health benefits, such as having more energy, a clearer head and sleeping better, as well as no hangovers.

Contact MyHealthcare Clinic now and see how we can help

Consult Your GP First

If you are usually a heavy drinker, it is important to consult your GP first. It can be dangerous to suddenly quit.

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