Dr Angelina Jong

Clinical Psychologist

Dr Angelina Jong holds a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from King’s College London and an MSc in Developmental Psychology from the Anna Freud Centre, University College London.

With a wealth of knowledge, she likes to focus on working with adults on issues such as ADHD, ASD, anxiety, low mood, and bereavement to supporting young people and their parents with challenges like loneliness, self-esteem, and stress. She also provides guidance on navigating difficult conversations and transitions within families.

What Dr Angelina loves most about her work is the profound connection she establishes with her clients. She finds immense fulfilment in empowering individuals and families to navigate their challenges, witness their growth, and witness their empowerment as they make positive changes to enhance their well-being. It’s this bond and the transformative journey with her clients that continually inspire and motivate her in her practice. Says Dr Angelina, ‘Witnessing my clients’ growth and seeing them empowered to make changes that to improve their/their families’ wellbeing is rewarding. It’s this aspect of the work that continually inspires and motivates me.’

Outside of her professional time, Dr Jong finds joy in various activities, including trying out new recipes with her family, embarking on weekend hikes, reading diverse genres of books, hosting board game evenings with friends, crocheting, and indulging in the company of pets whenever possible.