Coronavirus (COVID-19) Testing

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Private Coronavirus (COVID-19) Testing

If you are concerned about coronavirus (COVID-19) and would like to be tested privately, we are now able to offer you the latest approved tests from fully approved DHSC Test Centres.

We only use the latest tests from multinational pharmaceutical companies that demonstrate the highest levels of test accuracy. Trusted COVID-19 testing from an established and award-winning healthcare clinic group.

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DHSC & UKAS Approved Test Centres

8 locations across London

 UKAS / ISO 15189 Lab.

Coronavirus Testing (19)

Rapid & PCR
Antibody Test

All tests have 98-99% overall accuracy

Trustpilot Review - Howard

1,000s of tests performed

Doctor led Clinic Group


Open 7 days/week

Dedicated Advice Line

Covid-19 testing options

Swab Test


Test for Active infection

98% overall accuracy
- Sensitivity 97%
- Specificity 100%

Roche Test

Throat or Nasal Swab

Results within 2-4 hours


& travel certification


Confirms NO Active infection

99% overall accuracy

PCR Swab Test

Throat & Nasal Swab

Results within 48 Hours

Same Day & Next Day options

Travel certificate included

Test to


Test on Day 5 after return to UK from a country not on the UK Travel corridor list

PCR Swab Test

Throat & Nasal Swab

Results within 48hrs

Certificate included

Swab test


Test for Active infection

99% overall accuracy

Throat & Nasal Swab

Results within 48 Hours

Abbott test


Test for Past infection

99% overall accuracy

Test 21 Days > Symptoms

Venous Blood Test

Results within 48 Hours

Advice Line

Call our Advice Line

If you want to discuss any Test options please call our advice line.

Please note that tests cannot be booked via this number and should be booked online.

Bookings that have to be made by phone will incur an additional £10 admin fee per Test Booked.

*Cancellation Terms

Please note that we can ONLY Refund or Reschedule Booked tests under the following criteria:

  • Your flight is cancelled or rescheduled by your airline prior to your appointment time (proof of flight cancellation/reschedule required)
  • For medical reasons (requires a certified letter from your physician or GP)
  • Quarantine or entry restrictions in your destination country change prior to your appointment time (as per the UK Government Foreign Travel website)
  • Any other reasons for cancellation will incur a cancellation admin fee of £50
  • All requests are notified to us with at least 24hrs notice before your flight time
  • Refunds can take up to 21 days to reach your account


5-11 Vanston Place

Travel Test
Antibody Test
M-F: 8-6 | Sat 10-4

MyHealthcare Wandsworth

Commodore House
Battersea Reach Complex
Juniper Drive
Wandsworth SW18 1TW

Travel Test
Antibody Test
M-F: 8-6


18 Wimpole Street
London W1G 8GD

Travel Test
Antibody Test
M-F: 8-6

MHC Wandsworth
Testing Centre

Ground Floor, Baltimore House
Battersea Reach Complex
Juniper Drive
Wandsworth SW18 1TS

Rapid, PCR & Travel Tests
M-F: 9-5 | Sat & Sun: 10-2

Open 7 days

MHC Kings Cross Drive-Thru Testing Centre

Double Tree Hilton
60 Pentonville Rd
The Angel
London N1 9LA

Test Centre located in Hotel Car Park

Rapid, PCR & Travel Tests
M-F: 8.30-4.30 | Sat & Sun: 10-2

Open 7 days

MHC Heathrow Drive-Thru Testing Centre

Hilton Garden Inn
London Heathrow Airport
Eastern Perimeter Road
Hatton Cross
Hounslow TW6 2SQ

Test Centre located in Hotel Car Park

Rapid, PCR & Travel Tests
M-F: 8.30-4.30 | Sat & Sun: 10-2

Open 7 days

MHC Chigwell (Essex) Testing Centre

Best Western Prince Regent
Chigwell Hotel
Manor Road, Chigwell
Woodford Green
Essex IG8 8AE

Test Centre located in Hotel Car Park

Rapid, PCR & Travel Tests
M-F: 8-5 | Sat & Sun: 10-2

Open 7 days

MHC Watford Testing Centre

Best Western White House Hotel
27– 31 Upton Road
WD18 0JF

Test Centre located in Hotel Car Park

Rapid, PCR & Travel Tests
M-F: 8-5 | Sat & Sun: 10-2

Open 7 days

Flexible Covid Testing Options To Suit You


Private Covid Test In Clinic

Visit one of our Clinics in London


National Covid Test Centre

We have “Pop-Up” Test sites across the UK. Book & visit.


Covid Test At Work

Flexible options for all types
of businesses and


Covid Test At Home

Self-Administered Swab Kits
for you to take at home and
post to our lab.

Covid-19 Testing FAQs

Who Can Be Tested with the COVID-19 Rapid and PCR Swab Test?

This test will confirm if you currently have coronavirus. You can have this test if you are currently symptomatic or 5 days after initial exposure. Typical symptoms include a high temperature, a new, continuous cough, or a loss or change to your sense of smell or taste.

Testing will be available for patients of all ages.

Who Can Be Tested with the COVID-19 Antibody Test?

If you believe you have had symptoms of coronavirus, the most recognisable being a high temperature, a continuous cough, or a loss or change to your sense of smell or taste, an antibody test will confirm whether the illness was in fact due to COVID-19.

Recent studies also suggest that many people only experience mild or even no symptoms at all and so an antibody test would similarly be suitable in this situation if you simply want to know whether you’ve had coronavirus or not.

You can have the test if you are more than 21 days post symptoms. This test will be invalid if done earlier than this.

The test detects whether you have developed antibodies as a result of coronavirus infection, a typical response by your body’s immune system in order to fight infection. There is currently no strong evidence yet to suggest that the presence of antibodies confers long-lasting immunity which would prevent you from getting the virus again, however there’s clear value in knowing depending on your own circumstances, if you’re at risk yourself or to other vulnerable family, friends or colleagues

When can I expect my results from a private covid test and when will I be informed?

Our Laboratory normally processes and returns results within 24-48 hours for the antibody blood tests and 2-3 working days for swabs and from receiving the test at the laboratory. This is not a guarantee, as NHS samples may need to be prioritised at certain times.

You will be emailed by one of the MyHealthcare team as soon as your result is available. All positive results are reviewed by one of our GPs.

Understanding a Positive Covid Test Result for Antibodies

A positive result indicates the presence of ‘anti-SARS-COV-2’ IgG antibodies which are produced following infection. This means you have had coronavirus (COVID-19) in the past.

This does not indicate immunity so it is important to continue following the current Public Health and Government advice on social distancing and hygiene measures.

Understanding a Negative Covid Test Result for Antibodies

A negative result means no ‘anti-SARS-COV-2’ antibodies were detected i.e. there is no evidence of past infection.

A small number of people who receive a negative result may be surprised by this. This negative result could be for a variety of reasons:

  • Every person produces a different antibody response to an infection: some will develop a strong response which is detectable, whilst others only develop a weak antibody response to the same infection which may not be detectable on testing.
  • Antibody levels decrease over time in all patients. Unfortunately there is currently no clear research detailing this time period.
  • There are a multitude of other highly prevalent viruses in circulation that cause the same symptoms as COVID-19, such as rhinoviruses or influenza. Therefore, you may have had a different virus causing your symptoms rather than suffering from coronavirus.
  • There is some new research indicating that some people could be protected by a different part of the immune system (called T-Cells) although this isn’t something that is available for testing.
How can I trust these Covid tests and how accurate they are?

All our tests have been sourced from multinational pharmaceutical companies including Roche AG and Abbott Laboratories, Inc.

Our partner laboratories are fully accredited and currently provide large scale testing to the UK government and other high-demand institutions such as hospitals and airports.

All this guarantees test reliability and turnaround times.

Clinic Safety Measures to Fight the Spread of Covid-19

To minimise the risk to our patients and staff, we will only allow one patient onto the premises at any one time, therefore please attend your appointment alone.

The premises will also be decontaminated between appointments, so we also ask that you attend your appointment on time to allow for decontamination.