Diagnostic Ultrasounds

Diagnostic ultrasounds are available at our award-winning Fulham clinic from £75.


Ultrasound Scanning in London

Myhealthcare Clinic offers ultrasound scanning including general ultrasound, male and female specific ultrasound and pregnancy scans.

Book directly for an appointment or see one of our GPs who can assess and advise on the type of scan you require.

Our Ultrasound Services
We are able to perform a full range of ultrasound services as below:

  • Gynaecology: Abdominal and pelvic scans (>16years of age)
  • Pregnancy: starting from 6 weeks gestation
  • Abdominal: Liver, pancreas, gallbladder, kidneys, spleen, bladder
  • Urinary tract: Kidneys and bladder
  • Abdominal Aorta
  • Testicular
  • Thyroid

Ultrasound Scans

  • Experienced sonographers
  • Directly bookable appointments
  • Pregnancy scans including 4D imaging
  • Male & Female specific scans

Fee Guide

Pregnancy Ultrasound Scans
Pregnancy Scans Price (£)
Reassurance scan (14 weeks onwards) 75
Early pregnancy scan (from 6 – 12 weeks) 75
Dating scan (10 – 16 weeks) 75
Gender scan (18 weeks onwards) 75
Anomaly scan (20 – 24 weeks) 150
Growth scan (23 weeks onwards) 75
Presentation scan (35 – 40 weeks) 75
Harmony pre-natal blood test and scan (10 weeks onwards)  475
General Ultrasound Scans
Ultrasound Price (£)
Pelvic Ultrasound  95
Pelvic and Abdominal Ultrasound  150
Abdominal Ultrasound  95
Liver Ultrasound  75
Abdominal Aorta Ultrasound  75
Renal Tract Ultrasound  95
Thyroid Ultrasound  75
Testes Ultrasound  75
Skin Lump Ultrasound  75


How do I book an appointment at MyHealthcare Clinic?

We offer a range of booking options to make life simpler. Call our reception team, Book Online or Email and one our team will be happy to arrange a suitable appointment time.

Do I need to be a member to visit?

Not at all! While most patients choose to join one of our membership plans, you can still use all our services as a non-member and simply pay our list price (see fees guide).

Can I use any of your clinics?

Absolutely! Patients have access to all our clinics and are free to book into whichever one they wish. While most of our services are available at all clinics, a few specialist services (e.g ultrasound) may only be available at certain locations.

Speak to reception to find out more.

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