The International Fertility Company

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The International Fertility Company: the best in fertility

Everyone’s fertility journey is unique and there are a wide range of options both here in the UK and abroad for those opting for fertility treatment. Fertility travel is a very common route many people choose and the International Fertility Company (IFC) helps facilitate and support those on this path.

The IFC work with MyHealthcare Clinic in Fulham and Wandsworth, providing a platform for consultations, learning and patient support and onward care for those undergoing fertility treatment.

Complete care before, during and after fertility treatment

The combination of fertility specialists, doctors, obstetricians, gynaecologists, pregnancy ultrasound scanning and post-natal care for mum and baby ensures patients receive an integrated medical experience before, during and after their fertility treatment.

What the IFC do

  • Work with clinics, products and service providers to ensure that the information they provide to patients is accurate, transparent and clear.
  • Provide a forum for clinics, products and service providers to collaborate; to use their knowledge, experience and resources to maximise the opportunities for patients to achieve their goal of creating a family.
  • Provide logistical help; signposting to support agencies which provide financial solutions, insurance products and aftercare support.
  • Provide an information hub which offers fertility patients an opportunity to attend patient information and consultation events and undertake informal visits to fertility treatment providers.
  • Offer a dedicated personal consultation service for those seeking more information on fertility travel options and bespoke concierge service in which we arrange inclusive fertility packages which cover, clinic options; medical consultation; finance, insurance, travel and accommodation.

Want to learn more?

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