As the COVID-19 restrictions begin to be scaled back and employers across the UK begin to implement plans to get their staff back to work, our team at MyHealthcare Clinic are working with The COVID Crisis Rescue Foundation to help staff return to work safely.

The COVID Crisis Rescue Foundation was founded by Dr Sharon Raymond to help provide critical services in London, from supplying PPE to frontline workers to a COVID Cab service to help those in need of transport to the hospital. This foundation now takes the next steps to help staff get back to work while minimising the risk of a further outbreak or a second wave of Coronavirus with COVID-19 testing.

Dr Akash Patel and our team at MyHealthcare Clinic joined The COVID Crisis Rescue Foundation earlier this week to test the first 10% of staff returning to Legal and General offices in London for Coronavirus.

Dr Akash Patel said  “We are delighted to support the efforts of CCR and to enable staff across London to return to work safely. For many, the prospect of returning to work can be stressful, I hope that this work can help to ease for fears and minimise the risk of a second wave as we begin to see life return to normal.”

Here at MyHealthcare Clinic, we offer COVID-19 Home Swab testing for those currently experiencing symptoms. In addition to COVID-19 Antibody testing for those who believe they may have already had Coronavirus. If you would like to find out more about how you or your staff can be tested for Coronavirus, please click here to find out more.