UK Entry (Self-Test)

Approved for Self-Test prior to entry into the UK

  • All travellers aged 11 and over are required to take a UK Entry Pre-Departure (Self-Test) within 72 hours before their return flight back to the UK.
  • We recommend you complete this test as early as possible to allow for any unforeseen issues.
  • It is your responsibility to monitor the UK government website for any changes in pre-arrival testing requirements as rules and tests can change.
  • You can find guidance here

Instructions for Use

  1. Who should administer the Test:
    ✓ 18+ Years Old - Self-administer test (unless unable to do so)
    ✓ 11 – 17 Years Old - Self-administer test with adult supervision
  2. We advise taking the test as early as possible (i.e. within 72 hrs) before your entry into the UK to ensure there is ample time to deal with any issues.
  3. Please watch the video on this page on how to take the swab test – it is the same process as other self-tests you will have taken.
  4. Please take a photo of your test cassette result with your passport ID next to it and email this to [email protected] stating the time & date the test was taken.
  5. A member of our team will then email you your certificate during our working hours (9:00am -10:00pm UK Time)
  6. If you have any queries please email us at [email protected]