Dr Nicholas (1)

Dr Nicholas Indar


Dr Nicholas has dedicated his career to providing the highest quality dental care to his patients. In addition to general dentistry, he is also particularly passionate about adhesive dentistry, endodontic treatment, and restorative dentistry. With his extensive experience, he has helped many patients achieve healthy smiles. He has a strong passion for dentistry and is also committed to staying up-to-date with the latest advances in the field, something he believes helps him deliver the best possible dentistry possible for all his patients. Dr. Nicholas takes pride in his work and ensures that all his patients receive personalized care that meets their individual needs. He believes that everyone deserves a healthy and beautiful smile and strives to achieve this through his expertise in various dental treatments.  

Dr Nicholas has a passion for repairing and restoring teeth. His expertise in adhesive dentistry and restorative dentistry allows him to provide patients with high-quality treatments to achieve healthy smiles that not only look good but also function properly. He says, ‘It gives me a great feeling to use modern endodontic and biomimetic techniques to help patients save their natural teeth, which would otherwise be lost due to extensive decay.’ 

When he is not restoring smiles, he likes to keep active and healthy. He enjoys socialising with friends and family over meals, walking his dog, and listening to music and podcasts. He also likes to travel, especially if sports are involved.