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STI and STD Clinics in London

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Complete STI Tests

Our Complete STI test packages test for the most common STIs and STDs, alongside those that can cause long term implications to your health and fertility if left untreated. Since more than 70% of those with an STI or STD do not have symptoms, we recommend you have a full STI screen after any unprotected sex with a new partner. Complete STI tests are available from 28 days after your last potential exposure. 

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Sexual Health Frequently Asked Questions

How would I know if I have an STD or STI?

Symptoms of sexually transmitted diseases or infections vary and some infected individuals do not develop any symptoms at all. To ensure you do not have an STI or STD we recommend you and your partner get tested every 6 months and before you have become intimate with any new partner.

Common symptoms of STIs include abnormal discharge, pain during urination or sex, swelling or redness in or near the penis or vagina. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms please seek the help of your GP or a sexual health clinic as soon as you can.

How long should I wait after unprotected sex to get tested for STD or STI?

If you have had unprotected sex, whether this is vaginal, anal or oral with a new partner, we recommend you have a sexual health screen at least 14 days after exposure for a reliable result. However if you are experiencing symptoms before 14 days or after you have been tested we recommend you get retested at your earliest convience. 

What are the signs of Chlamydia?

Most people who have chlamydia have no symptoms at all, however even with no symtoms chlamydia can cause infertility or damage to your reproductive system if left untreated. While others may experience symptoms.

ymptoms of Chlamydia in women may include:

  • Abnormal vaginal discharge or odor
  • Itching or buring in or around your vagina
  • Pain when urinating
  • Abdominal pain
  • Fever
  • Pain during intercourse
  • Bleeding between periods.

Symptoms of Chlamydia in men may include:

  • Pain or discomfort when urinating
  • White, cloudy or watery discharge from your penis
  • Pain or nflammatio in he testicles

What are the symptoms of Gonorrhea?

Not all of those infected with gonorrhoea will develop symptoms, with around 1 in 10 infected men and 5 in 10 infected women not experiencing symptoms. For those who do experience obvious symptoms, these will usually develop within 2 weeks of exposure. 

Symptoms in women

  • Painful urination
  • Abdominal or pelvic pain.
  • Increased vaginal discharge
  • Vaginal bleeding between periods
  • Pain or bleeding during or after sex 

Symptoms in men

  • Clear, milky, yellow or green penile discharge
  • Urge to urinate frequently.
  • Itching, burning or pain during urination.

What is the treatment for Gonorrhoea?

If your results come back positive for Gonorrhoea, your doctor will prescribe antibiotics to help clear the infection, this may be oral antibiotics or a one-time injection of Ceftriaxone, or both.

What is the treatment for Chlamydia?

If your results come back positive for chlamydia, you will likely be prescribed oral antibiotics to clear the infection and ask you to abstain from oral, anal or vaginal sex until the infection has cleared and you have been retested for cure. We will also recommend your partner is treated.