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We offer appointments at our award-winning clinics 6 Days a week for cardiac investigations. Services include ECG and 24hr to 14 day Holter ECG.

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Cardiac Investigations in London

MyHealthcare clinic offers a number of investigations including Blood Pressure (BP) monitoring on site, remote BP monitoring, ECG (electrocardiogram tracing of the heart) and mobile monitors to record the rhythm of your heart.

Our GPs have immediate access to Consultant Cardiologists for interpretation of results, queries or if you need onward referral, ensuring patients receive timely specialist input if required.

Cardiac Investigations

Electrocardiogram (ECG)

This is a tracing of the heart performed in clinic and included with our Advanced Healthscreens.

Through the placement of electrodes on your skin, this painless and quick test records the electrical activity of your heart and is a useful test when investigating the structure and function of your heart.

Our ECG machines allow results to be shared rapidly with our Consultant led team for specialist interpretation if required.

24hr, 7 day and 14 day Holter Monitor to record the rhythm of your heart

Attaching a small reader is another way of recording the functioning of your heart over a longer period time which is very useful if we suspect your heart may be falling into episodic abnormal rhythms during the course of the day.

Blood Pressure Monitoring

Our medical team will perform regular Blood Pressure checks in clinic and help manage high blood pressure (hypertension) through lifestyle intervention and medications if the need arises. Our Healthscreens provide a great opportunity to identify hypertension early as it normally does not present with any symptoms.

24hour Blood Pressure Monitoring

We can fit you with 24hr blood pressure machines that discretely record your blood pressure over a 24hour period, averaging your results to give an accurate account of how your blood pressure fluctuates over the course of the day. This can be particularly helpful for those who have ‘white coat hypertension’, whereby your blood pressure increases when visiting the doctor!


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