Dental Implant Frequently Asked Questions

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Dental implants are a complex area of dentistry and it’s normal to have plenty of questions about what they are, whether you’re suitable, what to expect from surgery and the practicalities around payment and aftercare. This page gives you an overview of some of the questions patients often ask us about implants.

There is no better way of learning more then by speaking to one of our team! Our specialist implant co-ordinators can chat over the phone and answer any questions you have or book you into a free consultation with our dentists to assess you in person.

Why choose MyHealthcare Clinic for your dental implants

Highly experienced team
It is imperative that you are treated by an experienced, highly skilled and ethical dental team and that’s why patients choose to have dental implants with MyHealthcare Clinic. Our surgeons have fitted more than 10,000 implants and we have a team of implant surgeons, dentists, hygienists and specialist care co-ordinators ensuring you are fully cared for before, during and after surgery.
Our reputation
We are proud of our reputation as a dental implant specialist centre. Our patients feel confident in our treatment and our exemplary patient rating on Google, Truspilot and day to day feedback are testament to our service and patient care.
Unique aftercare service
We offer a unique aftercare service to ensure that you and your implants are looked after for many years to come. This is an imperative part of dental implant surgery but surprisingly one overlooked by many other clinics! Our membership plans ensure you receive regular dental and hygiene check ups and we also guarantee your implants throughout your membership giving you complete piece of mind.
Unbeatable quality and value
We only use carefully selected market leading products ensuring you are receiving the very best implant packages available, all at highly competitive prices.

Dental implant overview

What are dental implants?
Implants are like an artificial tooth root, and there are two types: one we call endosteal (in the bone) and then subperiosteal (on the bone). Endosteal implants are the most commonly used. A complete implant consists of 3 components: the implant (titanium screw), an abutment (a connecting section) and a crown, bridge or denture (the teeth). The process involves your implant surgeon fixing a titanium screw into the jawbone itself to secure bridges or build replacement teeth.
Why should you replace missing teeth with implants?
Some people choose to replace missing teeth for cosmetic reasons, others because it makes it easier to eat and drink, or even speak more clearly. The number one reason is that they look and feel like natural teeth. Implants a highly successful and long lasting way to recreate your smile.
Am I suitable for implants?
Being able to have implants is primarily reliant on the condition of the bone in your jaw. It needs to be strong – and you need to have enough of it – so it can take the titanium screw. Part of your implant consultation may include a CT scan which will check the bone density around your jaw. In some cases you may need additional treatments such as extractions and bone grafts to prepare your mouth and ensure we achieve the optimum result. This will only be known after your initial consultation and your clinician will discuss these options in your personalised dental plan. If your dental surgeon finds that implants are not the most appropriate option for you, they will be able to discuss and devise alternate plans for you.

Dental implant process

What does the overall implant journey involve?
Your implant journey will start with a FREE no obligation assessment with one of our dental team to review and discuss your wishes and options. You will be provided with a no-obligation quote on your implant treatment and this may also involve essential pre-treatments (e.g. extractions or bone grafts) that may be required prior to implant insertion. This will only be known after your initial assessment. If you decide to proceed with us, your team of implant surgeons, dentists and care co-ordinators will take you through your personalised plan across a number of visits as well as planning on-going follow up care if you wish.
How long does it take to place implants?
The implant process differs from patient to patient and there is no set timetable. We always provide you with a personalised plan to suit your exacting dental needs. If you require pre-treatment work then this will lengthen your treatment time, while someone with excellent oral hygiene may be able to commence immediately with implant insertion. Our dental team will talk you through your plan step by step prior to commencement of treatment.
Will it be painful?
You will be under a local anaesthetic for your procedure and will not feel any pain or discomfort during the procedure itself. We also offer sedation if you would prefer to be almost asleep whilst your implant is fitted. As with any dental treatment, some pain and discomfort following treatment can be expected we will advise and help you manage this following your surgery.
Can any dentist place implants?
While many dentists may place implants, it doesn’t mean they are the best suited to do it. We ensure that you are treated by a highly experienced dental team who are not only extremely skilled at implant surgery but also supported with the latest technology, equipment and an extensive team of dentists, nurses, hygienists and co-ordinators to meet all your needs. This is one of the many reasons why patients trust MyHealthcare Clinic with their implant surgery.

Looking after your implants

What can I expect after surgery?
Implant surgery is an extensive form of oral surgery and hence will come with some post operative symptoms. You may experience some minor bleeding and pain following surgery, but we will advise you about what to expect, how to manage symptoms and when you may need to return for check up.
How do I look after my implants?
Looking after your implants is of imperative importance and something we feel very strongly about. Maintaining excellent oral hygiene gives your implants the best opportunity for a long lasting result.

That is why we offer a specialised Implant Membership Plan that gives you regular dental check-ups and hygiene treatments every year, as well as extending your warrantee to cover unforeseen events and needs.

Our follow up service is unique in the implant market and one we are very proud of.


What are my payment options?
Your dental team will give you a personalised implant plan with clear, transparent and highly competitive pricing so you understand the costs involved with surgery before you start. This will also allow us to create a payment plan suited to you, whether that is paying upfront, in instalments or using finance which we can help arrange. We understand implant surgery can be a big financial undertaking and we will work hard to find a solution that you are comfortable with.
How much does the implant membership plan cost?
Our implant membership plan costs £30 per month and gives you 2 dental check-ups every year, 4 classic hygiene treatments every year, an ongoing 20% discount off other general dental treatments and most importantly upgrades you to our full guarantee covering the full replacement of your implant through product or clinical failure.
Do you offer finance?
Yes. We offer a range of finance options from 12 – 60 months and from 0% to 9.9% APR and all our finance plans are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Our treatment co-ordinator will be able to discuss finance options with you to help find the perfect solution for you.

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