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Dental implants have proven to be a very effective option for replacing missing teeth for many years now and tend to be the preferred treatment of choice.

While replacing a missing tooth is necessary to protect your oral health in the future, this doesn’t take away from the fact that for most people, dental implants are an investment.

As with any investment, you want the best result for your time and money, so you might be thinking, how long do dental implants last for?

To help you understand your return on investment for your dental implants, we discuss the factors influencing longevity and how you can guarantee your dental implants for lifetime protection.


How Dental Implants are Built to Last

Dental implants are usually made of titanium, which is a biocompatible material meaning that it is non-toxic and it is tolerated well by the bone and its surrounding tissue.

The integration of the dental implant close to the bone is what makes the solution so long-lasting. Over time, the bone will continue to grow onto the implant surface which will further enhance the stability.


Factors that can Cause a Dental Implant to fail Prematurely

While rare in nature, there are a few reasons why dental implants could fail, most of which can be prevented by both the dental surgeon and patient. Below are a few examples of what may lead to dental implant failure.


Surgery Factors

Research has shown that up to 98% of dental implants are successful – unfortunately, failure can occur if shortcuts are taken, normally to find a cheaper solution.

It is essential that the surgeon is as well informed as possible before they operate. This means that you should be as open and honest about your medical history and lifestyle. The risk of peri-implantitis infection is largely based on lifestyle factors. Similarly, the dentist must be sure that the correct diagnosis is made, sometimes with a CT scan as well as an x-ray.

Largely dependent on thorough diagnosis is whether an implant will be placed correctly or not. An experienced dentist will be able to install the implant securely and comfortably, with minimal risk. At MyHealthcare Clinic

At MyHealthcare Clinic implantologists use 3D implant treatment planning and computer-guided implant placement for the highest levels of accuracy. The position, angle and depth of placement are planned together with the width and length of the implant prior to the surgery. In most cases, the

In most cases, the implantologists will not need to perform a surgical flap. This simplified procedure will reduce healing time and post-operative complications.


Patient Factors

Once the new dental implants are comfortable and correctly adjusted and the surrounding soft tissues have healed, it is your own commitment to regular maintenance and oral hygiene that will have the biggest impact on the longevity of your dental implant.

While implants are not susceptible to decay, bone support and overall gum health are important to ensure that the implant remains well supported. Like natural teeth, you should continue to brush your teeth twice a day and floss daily. Regular dental hygienist appointments will be beneficial.

Your general health may also determine whether your implant lasts longer, for example, if you are diagnosed with diabetes sometime after your procedure, this could make you more susceptible to peri-implantitis infection, as well as if you are a smoker.


Can I Insure or Guarantee my Dental Implant?

Of course, at MyHealthcare Clinic, dependent on your implant package, we will guarantee your dental implant for 5 years, 10 years or lifetime.


Contact MyHealthcare Clinic for your Dental Implant Treatment

At MyHealthcare Clinic, we know the anxieties that come with dental care. Our staff are both skilled and compassionate and will take the time to answer your dental implant questions, no matter how small.

Having successfully completed over 10,000 dental implants procedures, our team have the knowledge and expertise to secure your implant safely and effectively, safeguarding against premature dental implant failure that could result from an inexperienced dentist.

Furthermore, our generous and affordable membership will help you look after your dental implant, with unlimited dental check-ups, 2 free hygienist appointments a year and more.

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