Childhood Psychology

Childhood Psychology Assessments in London

Starting in 2019

Childhood Psychology

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How do I book an appointment at MyHealthcare Clinic?

We offer a range of booking options to make life simpler. Call our reception team, Book Online or Email and one our team will be happy to book you into one of our clinics

Do I need to be a member to visit?

Not all!

While most patients choose to join one of our membership plans, you can still use all our services as a non-member and simply pay our list price (see fees guide).

What if I choose to join a membership plan after visiting?

We would be delighted if you chose to join our membership program!

If you decide to join a membership plan within 7 days of your first visit, we will refund your appointment fee! (This excludes the the cost of any further investigations or treatments you may have received)

Can I use any of your clinics?

Absolutely! Patients have access to all our clinics and are free to book into whichever one they wish. Most services are available at both clinics while a few specialist services (e.g ultrasound) maybe only available at certain clinics.
Speak to reception to find out more.

Are you really open 7 days a week?


We offer GP services on Sundays from our Fulham Clinic where all patients have access to. So if you need to see a doctor urgently or at more convenient weekend time, feel rest assured that MyHealthcare Clinic is here to help.

MHC Fulham

My Health Care Fulham

11 Vanston Pl, Fulham, London SW6 1AY, UK

MyHealthcare Fulham
5-11 Vanston Place
Mon – Wed : 08am – 8pm
Thur – Fri : 08am – 6pm
Sat : 10am – 4pm
Sun : 10am – 2pm
    Transport links

    By tube: Fulham Broadway Station (< 5minutes walk)
    By train: West Brompton Station (< 5minutes walk)
    By bus: 14, 28, 211, 295, 414,

MHC Wandsworth

My Healthcare Clinic - Wandsworth

Battersea Reach Complex, Juniper Dr, London SW18 1TW, যুক্তরাজ্য

MyHealthcare Wandsworth
Battersea Reach Complex
Juniper Drive
SW18 1TW
Mon – Wed : 08am – 8pm
Thur – Fri : 08am – 6pm
Sat : 10am – 4pm
    Transport links

    By car: Underground parking on Juniper Drive
    By train: Wandsworth Town
    By tube: Fulham Broadway
    By bus: 295 or 28