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Terms and Conditions

Updated: February 2019

Please see our key terms and conditions below. Further detail can also be found in your membership contract.

  1. Consultations require a £25 holding fee to be paid to reserve your appointment which is refunded on attendance or if you cancel your appointment with greater than 24 hours notice.
  2. Members and non-members will be charged the full appointment price if you fail to attend an appointment or cancel with less than 24 hours notice.
  3. Full appointment price may be payable at the time of booking to reserve certain appointment types.
  4. All membership plans are 12 months in length, are subject to an annual price review and subject to a fair use policy.
  5. A rejoining fee of £295 applies to any member who cancels their membership plan but wishes to rejoin at a later date.
  6. No included treatments or services within a membership plan can be rolled into the next membership year.
  7. Child membership plans: children (under 18 years of age) can be added to a corresponding adult membership plan at the following prices per child per month: £10 (Dental), £15 (GP) or £20 (Complete or Premium plan). Child membership plans do not include blood tests, healthscreens or the comprehensive dental care package (apart from white fillings).
  8. GP consultations – Standard appointment duration is 20 minutes (in-clinic or video consultations) and 10 minutes (telephone consultations). Video consultations are only available for Members or Registered Patients. Additional time will be charged at our standard list price.
  9. Sunday GP appointments are not included in any of our membership plans but are available to book at our list prices.
  10. Standard Healthscreen – 20 minute nurse appointment which includes Blood Tests (Full Blood Count, Kidney Function, Liver Function, Bone Profile, Iron Levels, Fasting Glucose and Cholesterol), BMI, Blood Pressure and instant urinalysis with subsequent GP review of results.
  11. Advanced Healthscreen – 40 minute nurse appointment (Part 1) and 40 minute GP appointment (Part 2). Includes Blood Tests (Full Blood Count, Kidney Function, Liver Function, Bone Profile, Iron Levels, Fasting Glucose, Cholesterol, HbA1C), ECG and Urinalysis. PSA, Thyroid Function, Bowel Cancer Screening Test and Cervical Smears are performed based upon age and gender factors.
  12. The MyHealthcare Dentist, Complete and Premium plan discount (20% off) applies to all general dental treatments excluding those relating to Implant, Invisalign and other Orthodontic products and services.
  13. Comprehensive Dental Care included with the MyHealthcare Clinic Premium plan or as an add-on package includes all white fillings, simple extractions and simple root canals. For crowns & bridges, the patient only pays laboratory fees.
  14. Dental fitness fee may apply prior to admission onto the MyHealthcare Clinic Premium membership plan or the Comprehensive Dental Care add-on plan. Dental fitness is the minimum treatment required to bring oral health up to a dentally fit state as specified by BDA (British Dental Association). Any fitness fee will be charged at a significantly discounted rate for those joining the premium plan.
  15. Regarding Dental, Complete or Premium membership plans, only 1 dental and 1 hygiene appointment can be booked in any 6 month period and cannot be rolled over into the next half of a membership year.
  16. Regarding Implant or Orthodontic membership plans, only 1 hygiene appointment can be booked in any 3 month period and cannot be rolled over into the next quarter of a membership year.
  17. Full Terms and Conditions are outlined in our Membership Contract