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Private Healthcare Costs and Fees


General fees
Price (£)
CURRENT OFFER: No joining fee for new membersFree
Membership joining fee (including re-joining)295
Late cancellation Fee (less than 24hours notice) or failed to attendFull appointment price

Dental Services

General Dentistry
General DentistryPrice (£)
OFFER: New patient dental check-up (including xrays if advised)*35
OFFER: New patient dental check-up + Hygiene (including xrays if advised)*65
New patient dental check-up (including xrays if advised)*75
Routine dental check-up (including xrays if advised)*65
Emergency Consultations*85
Small X-Ray20
Large X-Ray (OPT)55
CT Scan Partial95
CT Scan Full125
Extraction – Simple80
Extraction – Complex (Surgical)250
Crowns and BridgesFrom 625
White FillingsFrom 80
Root Canal – SimpleFrom 350
Root Canal – ComplexFrom 450

MHC Dentist, Complete & Premium members enjoy a 20% discount on list prices

*Appointment price available Monday to Friday, Saturday appointments incur an additional £10 charge. 


Hygiene, teeth whitening & cosmetic dentistry
DentistPrice (£)
Classic Clean (30mins)75
Child Clean (15mins)25
Ultra Clean (60mins)95
Laser teeth whitening (60mins)499
Home teeth whitening trays (per arch)150
Composite veneer350
E-max Standard 
1 x E-max Veneer650
6 x E-max Veeners2,730
12 x E-max Veeners5,460
E-max Premium 
1 x E-max Veener900
6 x E-max Veeners5,200
12 x E-max Veeners9,800
MHC Dentist, Complete & Premium members enjoy a 20% discount on list prices 

Dental Implants
Dental ImplantsPrice (£)
OFFER: Initial implant Consultation (New Patient)Complimentary
Standard Implant1,295 per tooth
Advanced Implant1,595 per tooth
Premium Implant1,795 per tooth
All-on-412,995 per jaw
All-on-614,995 per jaw
TREATMENTS (additional treatments that may be required).  
Implant Extraction – Simple80
Implant Extraction – Complex (Surgical)250
Pre-implant periodontal treatment (per quadrant)140
Sameday Tooth925
Bone graft (per implant)600
Block Bone Graft1,450
Sinus lift1,450
Partial denture/Essix retainer (per jaw)450
Removal of 1 implant450

MHC Dental, Complete and premium members receive a 20% discount on extractions and periodontal treatment. Please speak to our support team for more information.

OFFER: Invisalign Consultation (New Patient)Complimentary
Invisalign Consultation25
OFFER: Orthodontic Consultation (New Patient)35
Invisalign i7from 1,595
Invisalign Litefrom 2,395
Invisalign Gofrom 2,495
Invisalign Fullfrom 3,450
6 month smilefrom 1,750
Metal Bracesfrom 2,795
Ceramic Bracesfrom 3,195
Damon Bracesfrom 3,095
Incognito Bracesfrom 4,795
Complex orthodonticsfrom 8,995
Bonded (dual arch)450
Essix (dual arch)450
Vivera (dual arch)650


Medical Services

GP & Nurse
 Price (£)
CURRENT OFFER: New Patient GP Appointment*45
GP Consultations (Mon-Fri)75
GP Consultations (Sat)85
GP Blood Test / Vaccine  / Sexual Health Consultation 45
Telephone Consultations (Mon-Fri)35
Telephone Consultations (Sat)45
Nurse Consultation45
Private Prescription Fees (exl medication costs)25
Referral Letter Fees45
Medical Forms & Applicationsfrom 45

*Available Monday to Friday

Vaccines consultation with Nurse – £0

Blood/Pathology Test Appointment with Nurse – £20

Sexual Health Consultation with Nurse – £20

Home Visits – availble upon request from £200


 Price (£)
Standard Healthscreen225Included with MyHealthcare GP & Complete membership plan
Advanced Healthscreen575Included with MyHealthcare Premium membership plan

Blood tests & Diagnostics
 Price (£)
Prices include £20 consultation fee (deducted for GP, Complete & Premium members) 
(24h) Haematology Package56
(48h) Blood Group Profile75
(24h) Biochemistry75
(24h) Biochemistry and Haematology97
(24h) Well Person Profile150
(24h) Well Man Profile166
(48h) Well Woman Profile180
(48h) Senior Male Profile (60+)402
(48h) Senior Female Profile (60+)410
(24h) Menopause Profile143
(72h) Erectile Dysfunction/Impotence Profile217
(48h) Coeliac/Gluten Sensitivity Profile138
(24h) Female fertility testing package395
Harmony Test (antenatal genetic test)475
Advanced Genetic Testing (male & females)495

Travel Vaccinations
Travel VaccinationsPrice per dose(£)Doses Required:
Prices are for each dose of vaccine. Some schedules need multiple doses for complete immunisation  
Hepatitis A – Adult602
Hepatitis A – Junior602
Hepatitis B – Adult553
Hepatitis B – Junior553
Hep A & B Twinrix803
Hep A & B Ambrix802
Combined Hep A & Typhoid1001
Japanese Encephalitis1202
Yellow Fever & Certificate701
Diphtheria, Tetanus & Polio (DTP) (Revaxis)351
Hep A, Typhoid & DTP (Package)1251
Tick Borne Encephalitis – Adult753
Tick Borne Encephalitis – Junior753

General Immunisations
 Price per dose(£)Doses Required & Further Information
  Prices are for each dose of vaccine. Some schedules need multiple doses for complete immunisation
8 week old Child Immunisation Schedule510Protects against Pneumococcal, Diphtheria, Hepatitis B, Hib, Polio, Tetanus, Pertussis, Rotavirus and Meningitis B
12 week old Child Immunisation Schedule285Protects against Diphtheria, Hepatitis B, Hib, Polio, Tetanus, Pertussis and Rotavirus
16 week old Child Immunisation Schedule425Protects against Pneumococcal, Diphtheria, Hepatitis B, Hib, Polio, Tetanus, Pertussis and Meningitis B
1 year old Child Immunisation Schedule350Protects against MMR, Hib, Meninigtis B, Meningitis C and Pneumococcal
3 year and 4 month old Child Immunisation Schedule100Protects against MMR, Diphtheria, Tetanus, Whooping Cough and Polio
Meningitis B (Bexsero®)1503
Meningitis ACWY651
Chicken Pox802
HPV (Gardasil)2003
HPV (Gardasil) (advanced purchase price for 3 doses)5603
Flu vaccine (from 6 months old)201
Nasal Flu Vaccine (2-18 years old)451
Whooping Cough Vaccine801
Other vaccinationsPlease enquire at reception if you require other specialist vaccinations

Sexual Health
 Price (£)
Instant Screen 2175
Instant Screen 4250
Instant Screen 6325
Fast Screen 2150
Fast Screen 4225
Fast Screen 6300
Complete Screen Early495
Complete Screen Standard475
Instant HIV100

Fertility Tests
Fertility:Price (£)
Fertility appointment & testing – Female (includes pelvic ultrasound scan)395
Fertility appointment & testing – Male195

Pregnancy Ultrasound Scans
Pregnancy ScansPrice (£)
Reassurance scan (14 weeks onwards)75
Early pregnancy scan (from 6 – 12 weeks)75
Dating scan (10 – 16 weeks)75
Gender scan (18 weeks onwards)75
Anomaly scan (20 – 24 weeks)150
Growth scan (23 weeks onwards)75
Presentation scan (35 – 40 weeks)75
Harmony pre-natal blood test and scan (10 weeks onwards)475

General Ultrasound Scans
UltrasoundPrice (£)
Pelvic Ultrasound95
Pelvic and Abdominal Ultrasound150
Abdominal Ultrasound95
Liver Ultrasound75
Abdominal Aorta Ultrasound75
Renal Tract Ultrasound95
Thyroid Ultrasound75
Testes Ultrasound75
Skin Lump Ultrasound75

SpecialistsPrice (£)
Consultant Paediatrician – New Patient150
Consultant Paediatrician – Follow up120
Consultant Dermatologist – New Patient260
Consultant Dermatologist – Follow up230
Consultant Gynaecologist – New Patient220
Consultant Gynaecologist – Follow up180
Psychologist – New Patient150
Psychologist – Follow up100
Consultant in Occupational HealthPlease enquire

Occupational Health & Specialist Medicals
Occupational HealthPrice (£)
Oil & Gas UK medical150
ENG1 certificate (Marine and Coastguard Agency)95
ML5 (Seafarer medical report)120
Occupational Health350
Kuwait visa medical345
Saudia Arabia visa medical425
South Africa visa medical345

TherapistsPrice (£)
Breastfeeding consultation – New Patient200
Breastfeeding consultation – Follow up100
Educational Psychology full assessment695
Food intolerance consult – New PatientComplimentary
Food intolerance test150
Dietician consultation – New Patient125
Dietician consultation – Follow up150