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STIs can seem scary, but with 1 million people acquiring an STI every day, it’s important to know when to get checked and which symptoms you should not ignore. Here are our top 5 tips on STI symptoms you should not ignore.

Pain during Urination

Painful urination can come in the form of a burning or stinging sensation that sometimes occurs while urinating. The stinging irritation felt during urination is usually caused when urine encounters sores within the urethra or glans (tip of the penis). Burning sensations can be a sign of an STI and is often one of the first noticeable symptoms of an infection.

Pain During Sex

During intercourse you may experience pain, which can be a sign of infection. Several STI’s and STD’s can potentially lead to pain during sex, which includes herpes, trichomoniasis, bacterial vaginosis and gonorrhoea. These STIs can cause pain for different reasons, but we recommend you see a doctor if you are experiencing any kind of pain during sex.

Sores, Blisters, Rashes

Some people may experience symptoms of sores, small blisters and a red rash around the vulva or the penis. This too can be a sign of a sexually transmitted infection.

Unusual discharge from the Penis, Vagina or Anus

The look and consistency of discharge can be a sign of an STI. When the discharge is a  watery, white, yellow or green colour, it might indicate infections like gonorrhoea or chlamydia which are treatable. In women, any change to the consistency or smell of your discharge may indicate an infection so we recommend you seek the help of a doctor or STI clinic to get tested as soon as symptoms present.

No Symptoms what so ever

70% of individuals do not experience any symptoms, we therefore recommend you have a sexual health screen anytime you have unprotected oral, anal or vaginal sex with a new partner.

When STIs are left untreated they can cause issues such as pelvic inflammatory disease which can cause a significant amount of pain and potentially lead to issues such as infertility even if you have no symptoms.

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